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Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach Fishing report

Another Dog - Days of Summer Report!

Posted on 08/11/2019

While we certainly enjoyed the cooler weather we had at the end of July, everyone in the Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach area knew that it was destined to end very soon.  The past few days the humidity has built back in with vengeance, and looks to stay around for at least another week or so.  However, this is nothing new for August, and is something that we deal with every year around this time.

I realize that I've said it over and over again at this point, but overall our inshore fishing has continued to be pretty good despite the rebounding heat.  As to be expected this time of year, we have certainly had a few tough trips, but thankfully we have been able to find a few hungry fish most of the time. 

Flounder fishing is often our late summer staple, and they are continuing to be this year.  While they're numbers haven't been huge, we have been finding a fairly consistent bite, and a few nice keepers to boot.  We have been catching them both in the inshore creeks and off the beach on our nearshore wrecks/artificial reefs when we've had the opportunity to get out there.  

We've also continued to find some decent redfish action throughout the area as well.  The schools have been getting pushed around quite a bit due to fishing pressure, but we've been fortunate to have landed on them a few times and experienced some good action.  The reds have been varying greatly in size from 15" pups up to 30+" bruisers, sometimes mixed in the same school.  

Our speckled trout fishing has slowed somewhat due to the water temperatures, but we have still continued to find a few here and there, and are even still seeing a few nice fish up to 4+ pounds as well.

We are beginning to reach the end of the summer vacation season, which will see things slow down a bit around Ocean Isle and Sunset beaches.  This means it is already time to start looking forward 6 weeks or so and begin planning for our upcoming fall fishing season.  I still have plenty of openings from now through the fall, but have already begun to fill some dates in October and November, especially on the weekends.  So once again, now is the time to start thinking about and planning that fall fishing trip.  But in the meantime, if you're going to be in town anytime between now and then, don't hesitate to give me a call either.

Check out a few of our recent catches below!

-Capt. Kyle