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Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach Fishing report

September Recap/Early October Outlook

Posted on 10/02/2019

I first must apologize for my extended absence from my fishing report.  I have been fortunate to have been busy fishing, plus adding in a few boat and house projects, and I've found myself spread fairly thin.  We still have plenty of muggy, summertime heat hanging around, but it looks like we have a cold front on the way, which should improve what has already been pretty good fishing overall.  

As always, not every trip has been a barnburner, but overall the redfish have been providing consistent action.  We are beginning to see some really nice bull reds, and hopefully the best of their run is yet to come.  We have all the key factors, including bait and clean water in place, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that a slight cool down will really get them going.  In addition, we found good action from the smaller reds, from 15'' pups up to 30" or so in the backwaters throughout September and continue to do so.  These fish should also begin to school up a bit better as the water cools.

Although I haven't spent a great deal of time with them lately, we have begun to pick away at a few trout as well, although they aren't really in very large schools yet.  The best trout fishing is of course yet to come, but they too should begin to bite better as October progresses.

There have also been a few black drum around that have been willing to bite when the other species were being a bit stubborn.

Sorry for the short report, but I should have an update very soon, as I will be on the water virtually every day in the near future.  Open days in October are getting very scarce, but I still have plenty of openings in November, which usually produces our best trout fsihing of the year, so definitely keep that in mind.  

Check out some of our recent catches below!

-Capt Kyle