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Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach Fishing report

Great trout fishing much, much more!

Posted on 06/02/2013

As anyone can probably tell from the name of my business, speckled trout are my favorite of the "big three" inshore species, and I enjoy fishing for them whenever possible.  My most recent clients and I have been fortunate to be able to do just that, as the good trout bite that I reported on earlier in the week has continued to be consistent over the past few days.  We have been getting most of our action fishing live shrimp under slip float rigs,  but we have caught some fish on peanut pogies and mud minnows as well.  Ironically, we haven't had many redfish bites the last couple of days while trout fishing, even though the areas in which we have been catching the trout usually hold good numbers of reds as well.  That just goes to show how unpredictable fish can be. The redfish have been biting well though, and they seem to be staging up on their normal summertime spots, whether it be around docks, in the grass, or around the jetties.  So even though trout have been making up most of our catches lately, it doesn't mean that there aren't reds to be had.  The same goes for the flounder fishing, as it continues to be good as well.  We have even caught a couple on float rigs while trout fishing recently.  It seems all the usual flounder spots around Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beaches, all the way down to Cherry Grove have been producing fish.  With an abundance of menhaden/pogies around now, they have become the most productive baits, and are producing more keeper size fish as well.  Some true doormats have started to show up too, with flounder up to 7 pounds being caught in the area over the weekend.  So there you have it, the early summer fishing is in full swing and there are plenty of options to choose from in terms of fish, areas to fish, and presentation.  Finally, keep in mind that this is my busiest time of year, so be sure to give me a call as early as possible to insure that you get to fish the day(s) that you would like to.

-Capt. Kyle