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Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach Fishing report

Mid - Winter Update!

Posted on 01/29/2014

Hello everyone!  Welcome to 2014!  I decided I needed to post an update and let everyone know I'm still here, and preparing for the upcoming fishing season!  I've been stuck indoors all day due to an ice storm, so all I can think about at this point is warmer weather and hot fishing.  There continue to be a few trout and reds to be caught in some of the backwater creeks, and the guys that have shallow draft flats boats have been finding some good wintertime action.  As for myself, the winter serves as vacation time for me, and I have been chasing ducks instead of fish over the past 2.5 months.  With that season now closed, its now time to begin the process of getting the boat squared away for the upcoming fishing season.  I'll be at the Fisherman's Post fishing school in Wilmington on Feb. 8th, which you should check out if you have time,  You can find more info at  Speaking of the Fisherman's Post, one of my last trips of the year was with the publisher of the paper, Gary Hurley and his friend Tony.  We enjoyed a warm late-fall morning which produced a great mixed bag catch of speckled and gray trout, sheepshead, redfish, flounder, and tautog.  Gary made the statement early in the trip that he was looking for some fish for a fish - fry, and I think we accomplished our mission.  See the photo below.  I've also included some duck season photos to provide proof of what I've been up to during my absence from the fishing report.  In the meantime, try to stay warm, it will be fishing season soon!

-Capt. Kyle