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Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach Fishing report

Starting to feel like summertime...

Posted on 05/19/2013

 First, I must admit I am a little behind on my fishing reports, and have fished several trips in the past few days. Don't forget to "like" the Speckulator Inshore Fishing Charters Facebook page, because I often post updates to that page while I'm on the water, so you will get real-time updates on the fishing in the area.  Now on to the important stuff.  The flounder bite has been very good the past few days, now that the water has both warmed up and cleaned up.  It seems all the usual flounder spots around Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beaches are holding fish.  There are still quite a few undersize fish around, but we are finally starting to pick away at some keepers as well.  The small "peanut" menhaden that are usually prevalent this time of year and are also my favorite flounder bait, haven't shown up in good numbers, forcing us to fish primarily with mud and tiger minnows lately.   While they are certainly great baits, you tend to catch more undersize fish on mud minnows.  But if they're all you have, you just have to grind through the small ones, which is what we've been doing.  The redfish and black drum bite remains consistent in most of the areas which have been producing fish in the recent weeks, and they should continue to bite well, although it wouldn't surprise me to see them move out of some areas and into others as the water warms, and as the fishing pressure increases.  Finally, while once again the gator trout have gone absent so far this year, we have been starting to see more and more trout on the usual early summer spots in the local creeks and rivers.   Most have been averaging in the 2 - 2.5lb range, which are good solid fish for the creeks and without a doubt the best eating size.  With the onset of summer, I'm getting busier by the day, so now is the time to plan your trip!

-Capt. Kyle