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Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach Fishing report

Steady Summertime Fishing...

Posted on 07/13/2013

The steady mixed-bag fishing that we had earlier in the week thankfully continued and we have had a couple more days of good fishing.  On Thursday we found steady action all day with the trout and reds, plus had a couple of black drum and flounder thrown in as well, allowing us to complete an inshore slam on both the morning and afternoon trips.  Yesterday, we were met by heavy rain once again, but my crew decided to grind through it, and while the weather did slow the fishing considerably, we did manage to catch a handful of trout.  We got washed out again this morning, so at this point I'm looking forward to next week and what it supposed to be some drier and calmer weather, which should make for good fishing.  I still have plenty of opening for next week, but don't hesitate to call as I have been booking up quickly once everyone gets into town on Saturday.

- Capt. Kyle