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Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach Fishing report

Getting warmer...

Posted on 04/14/2013

With a week of temperatures in the 70+ degree range, and another week of the same ahead of us, the inshore fishing in the Ocean Isle Beach area continues to improve each day.  The redfish fishing has continued to be strong the past few days, with many fish still holding in their normal winter spots.  However, they will likely be on the move into a more spring/summer type pattern soon.  The Cherry Grove area continues to produce some early season flounder, and I expect the Tubbs Inlet area will begin to produce any day now as well.  As the water temperature climbs towards 70, the speckled trout will soon be going into their annual pre-spawn feeding mode, which is one of the best times of the year to catch a true "gator" trout.  I consider a trout of 5+ pounds to be of "gator" status, as they are truly a trophy catch doesn't happen every day.  I am certainly looking forward to the near future especially in Sunset Beach, as some of the best fishing of the year is upon us.  So there you have it folks, good things are happening, so give me a call and we will get on the water!