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Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach Fishing report

Late June Catch - Up!

Posted on 06/23/2019

Mother Nature has been making it tough on us since my last report, as we have seen a little of just about every type of weather you could imagine around Ocean Isle and Sunset beaches.  Some unseasonably cool mornings, some rainy/stormy days, a lot of windy days, and occasionally a nice day thrown in there for good measure.  Couple this with a full moon cycle, and staying on consistent inshore fishing has been quite a chore.  However, despite having a few slow trips, all in all we have managed the scratch together some decent catches and find some quality fish along the way.  Thankfully though, it looks like our weather is finally going to stabilize this coming week, and we are going to have mostly calm (but also hot) days that will hopefully produce some good fishing.

We have still been finding a bit of action from all of our target species, often with one being more cooperative one day, and another biting better the next.  Our speckled trout fishing continues to still be our most consistent fishing however, and we are still managing to find some nice ones throughout the area.  The flounder fishing has been a bit up and down depending on how clean the water has been, but we have been picking away at them as well, and finding a few nice keepers to boot.  We have also been finding a few nice sheepshead mixed in on many of the spots where we've been trout and drum fishing, which has been a pleasant surprise.  Finally, although we haven't been a big school of either in the past couple weeks, we're still finding some black drum and redfish here and there to pull on.  So, as I mentioned earlier, depsite having a few slow, frustrating days, the fishing still hasn't been too awful bad.

Needless to say, I'm excited to see what this push of good weather is going to bring us over the next few days, so stay tuned for my next report to see if my suspicions are true.  I still have plenty of openings in July and beyond, but dates are continuing to fill, so please give me a call if you're going to be in town over the next few weeks so we can get a date booked for you.  Check out a few of our recent catches below!

-Capt. Kyle