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Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach Fishing report

Late Summer Action!

Posted on 08/24/2014

I am excited to report that the fishing has gotten a little better overall since my last report, which I realize was a little doom and gloom.  We have continued to have a few slow trips since then, which is to be expected this time of year, but thankfully we've had more good trips than slow ones lately.  We've had several good catches of flounder recently, fishing a variety of different spots throughout the Ocean Isle and Sunset beach areas.  Its been a constant guessing game as to which area would produce on a given day, but by playing the tides and weather conditions to make sure we fished each spot at the best time, we have manged to produce some nice catches.  Also, we found a decent redfish bite in a few areas as well, with a couple of trips producing as many redfish bites as flounder bites.  We haven't seen much trout action recently, which is also to be expected, but there continue to be a few caught in the area.  As I am writing this, the weather forecast has us having a strong northeast wind over the next 2-3 days, which will certainly bring some cooler, more comfortable temperatures, and will hopefully pick the fishing up even more.  The busy summer season is pretty much over at this point, and I have plenty of openings in the coming weeks.  However, our great fall fishing is right around the corner, and the prime dates from late September to Thanksgiving are beginning to fill up already, so now is the time to plan a fall fishing trip!  Check out the photos of some of out recent catches below!

 -Capt. Kyle