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Ocean Isle & Sunset Beach Fishing report

Summertime Mixed Bag Catching...

Posted on 07/19/2013

First, I must apologize for my lack of reports this week.  All week long, it seemed like that every time that I was about to stop and take the time to post a fishing report, I got sidetracked doing something else.  But now that I have, I'm happy to report that we have continued to have steady fishing, especially for as hot as the weather has been.  Water temperatures in the upper 80 degree range have become the standard, but we have still been able to find some hungry fish to keep us busy.  The speckled trout bite has been surprisingly good all week, with most of the fish being solid 2-3 pounders, but we had a fish pushing 5 pounds earlier in the week, which goes to show that a gator trout might show up at any time during the year.  The redfish and black drum have also bit fairly well, with most of them showing up in the same spots we have been trout fishing.   Also, the water has cleaned up just a little, allowing us to get some flounder fishing in on a couple of trips this week, and we were rewarded with a few nice flatties.  In addition, the yearling finger mullet are finally starting to get big enough to use for bait, and most of our flounder action has been on them this week. So the moral of the story is while it maybe be sweltering hot out there, the fish are thankfully still cooperating.  I don't have many openings left for next week, so call a.s.a.p. in you're going to be in town and want to get in on some inshore action!

-Capt. Kyle